BBQ Rib Roast of Beef with a hot pepper and mustard rub

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Roasting a rib of beef always produces great results and is a favourite of all carnivores. In this video I demonstrate how easy it is too cook in the barbecue. Put some potatoes around your meat, if there's room, for a perfect roast potato too.

To make room for other food, I cook a cauliflower cheese in this video, I used my Barbecue Stacker to make much needed space. I could have used this space for more potatoes, stuffing and anything else that needs roasting, perhaps even a cake for pudding.

The rub used is equal parts salt, black pepper and English mustard powder. Add more mustard powder or black pepper for a bit of heat. The salt helps form a dry crust.

This is a great way to cook at Christmas, when maybe yule (sorry) need a bit more room in the oven.

Cooking time, for a larger piece like this cook for 30 minutes then for a medium cook 10 minutes per 500g or about 9 minutes per pound.

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