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Potato chips

Potato - 4 nos
Paper towel/Dry cloth (Buy :https://goo.gl/BM2yNy )
Oil for frying
Chili powder

1. Peel the potato skin completely.
2. Slice the potato with a thin slicer (Buy : https://goo.gl/ORaUQS ). Potato slice should be very thin.
3. Place the potato slices in water to clean and remove the extra starch.
4. Again wash the potatoes with clean water.
5. Place the potato slices on a paper towel or a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the potatoes.
6. Keep dry cloth or paper towel on top of the potatoes to remove the extra moisture. Before frying make sure dry the potato slice completely.
7. Heat oil and start frying the potato slices. ( Buy : https://goo.gl/X9hRl6 )
8. Once the sizzling/bubbling sound stops & oil is clear that's the indication of chips are ready.
9. Add salt and chili powder. Toss the chips gently to mix well
Crispy potato chips are ready to crunch!

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