Traegering Live Cooking Channel: Ham and Prime Rib by Traeger Grills

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For a feast to remember, elevate your Thanksgiving menu with ham and prime rib. Your guests will only put down their forks to compliment your BBQ mastery.Traeger Thanksgiving this year.

Traeger’ing Live: How to make Ham and Prime Rib by Traeger Grills

See the full Roasted Traeger Ham and Prime Rib recipes, along with great holiday and Christmas grilling ideas at

Traeger is proud to kick off our brand new series: Traeger’ing Live, hosted by Grill Master Kenny with special appearances by Chef Steve. Traeger’ing Live is an interactive broadcast where our Traeger Experts guide you through preparing culinary creations with wood-fired flare on your Traeger Grill, with a LIVE Q&A session to answer your barbecue questions in real time.

On this episode, learn how to make the best Dr. Pepper Glazed Ham and a delicious Salted, Herb Crusted Prime Rib for a killer holiday spread from the pros that created the recipes: our Traeger Chefs. Grilling like a pro takes practice and skill, but this Traeger grilling tutorial will get you one step closer to mastering your barbecue. Make your holiday menu the centerpiece of your holiday celebration with unbeatable recipes and techniques from the grill masters themselves.

Introducing our host, Pit Master Kenny:

Pit Master Kenny Robertson has spent over 10 years catering and cooking in fairs and festivals in the Northwest, in addition to corporate and private events. He specializes in BBQ, smoked, and fried foods, where he brings his culinary flare to the table. He has recently burst onto the barbecue competition scene winning two Grand Championships and three top-five finishes last year alone—and he did it all on Traeger Grills.

With special appearances by Chef Steve:

Chef Steve Grover has over 25 years in the cooking industry, where he’s able to express his love of cooking and stylizing foods with culinary creativity. He graduated with honors from Johnson & Wales with a Degree in Culinary Arts. Notable alumni from his alma mater include Emeril Lagasse and Tyler Florence. Chef Steve delved into the wonderful world of Traeger over 5 years ago, and he’s been grillin’ up a storm ever since.

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s just what you get with a Traeger—a 6-in-1 outdoor cooker, fueled by flavorful hardwood. Traeger’ing is simple, allowing you to Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise, and BBQ on one convenient vessel. New to wood-pellet grills and smokers? Visit for our full selection of wood-pellet smoker-grills, grilling tools, and accessories.

Holiday Menu Ideas:

Dr. Pepper Glazed Holiday Ham, Full Recipe:

Holiday Ham Shopping List:
Whole, Spiral Cut Ham
Traeger Sweet Rub (available at
Pineapple Slices, canned
Pineapple Juice
Brown Sugar
Spicy Brown Mustard
Dr. Pepper or Coke (not diet)
Apple Cider Vinegar

How to make Traeger’s Salt and Herb Crusted Prime Rib:

Best Standing Prime Rib Roast Grocery List:
Standing Prime Rib Roast
Sea Salt
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Oregano
Olive Oil
Black Pepper

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